Essential Paperwork for Leasing a place

April 12, 2020

If you are looking to rent a place there are MLS listings of tons of homes (Houses and Condos) in the Greater Toronto Area. You may search them here and look at the photos. Also, You should Prepare some documents for renting a place. Here are some of the essential documents that you should prepare them for when applying for an apartment or home. You may need all of it or just some of them.

Paperwork you’ll need to rent a place

  • Full Credit Report
  • Employment (Job) Letter: A letter from your employer that states your annual income and how long you have been employed in the place.
  • Income verification: pay stubs from the last three months
  • Photo ID:  driver license, Permanent Resident card (PR Card) or passport.
  • Bank Statement: It’s a supporting document. It should demonstrate that you have enough funds to pay your rent.
  • Reference Letter(s): A letter(s) from your current landlord, a friend, or generally speaking someone who knows you.
  • Rental Application: Your agent, property managers, or landlords provide you the application.